Recyclable packaging has become a talking point over recent years. Plastic waste clogs up our landscapes, our oceans and destroys wildlife. And once we’re done with a plastic product, we take little time to think about using sustainable packaging instead. There are ways everyone can innovate a product’s afterlife. That’s one of the great reasons why we chose to stock the Davines hair care range at VAE Hair. Italian-based hair brand Davines (dav-in-as) follows a strict set of guidelines to ensure that their recyclable cardboard packaging and plastic has as little impact on the earth as possible. With a spotlight shining on recyclable beauty packaging in today’s hairdressing industry, eco-living is becoming an increasingly popular lifestyle choice. We are going to show you a few exciting ways you too, can put your used Davines packaging to good use. Moreover, why not come down salon and learn about the products for yourself? A member of our team can take you through the benefits of the Davines range that affect you, your hair and our planet.

Grow Herbs or Small Plants How’s this for recyclable packaging ideas? Growing your own herbs or small plants is definitely a popular windowsill accessory. With a bit of water, soil and sunlight, you can add fresh flavours to a variety of dishes that offer vitamins; antioxidants; antibacterial and anti-inflammatory benefits to your diet. Therefore, the products from the Davines Essential Hair Care range are the perfect size for plants and provide a great source of food year-round.

Turn it into Tupperware Davines packaging is made of plastic with food grade materials. This makes Davines hair care products ideal recyclable packaging for food. Take Davines with you when you next visit your local supermarket or make a picnic. A clean and empty hair mask, salt scrub or conditioning box is the perfect size to carry small food items without the need for plastic carrier bags. Reap the Rewards with a Reed Diffuser Simply take an empty Davines bottle, fill it with diffuser reeds and a scent that suits you and your living space. Furthermore, you can buy diffuser sticks cheaply in supermarkets. Plus filling bottles with essential oils is a popular choice, with many opting for fragrances like: Lavender – to relieve anxiety and stress Lemon – to refresh and revive the senses Rosemary – to improve mood and memory

Put Paper Packaging to Good Use Origami, wrapping paper, envelopes – paper is such a versatile material. However, paper has all sorts of other handy uses and is sure to keep young children occupied on rainy days! Davines hair products are wrapped in beautifully patterned materials so this is packaging you’ll actually want to keep.

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