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We have had a few queries from our clients regarding their hair colour for foreseeable future. Here's my top tips to look after your hair colour whilst in isolation.

Cleanse LESS..

Yes we said it, wash your hair less (and your hands more)!!

The more you wash your precious locks, the more the colourant fades. We advise reducing your hair washing frequency to maintain those beautiful tones. Colour shampoo is really a must, so make sure you are well stocked. Silver shampoos and conditioners are great to keep those blondes sassy and not brassy. If you have longer or dryer hair you can always consider just rinsing and conditioning every other wash. We can help advise or source your salon must haves, so just let us know what you need!

Lets get started on the big question… ROOTS…

I advise using temporary root touch up sprays or bushes to keep those roots at bay. The best solutions we have found are the 'L'Oreal Magic Retouch Instant Root' or Colour WOW 'Root Cover up'. The Colour Wow is applied with a brush and is better for small touchups and precise application. Whereas the 'L'Oreal Magic Retouch' is an aerosol based spray better for a greater coverage. I use these products a lot for shoots and session styling, they are amazing. A great tip is to apply a spritz of hairspray to stop transference. Both products can be ordered online from many retailers. However do feel free to get in touch should you need some help selecting the right product for your hair.

Is Grey the new Blonde?

Grey is having a massive comeback and many of our guests are adventuring on a silver journey with us, and are loving this look.

The difficulty with returning your hair to its natural silver hue is removing all that previous colour. What better time is there to allow your natural colour to shine through. Better still, you will be a step closer to completing your grey transformation. Once you have grown out some of the existing colour, our team can advise on the best grey tones for you. There are so many! from steel grey to smoky blondes, or you may even need a touch of warmth. Together we can create your bespoke multi-tonal colour, which long term means less commitment and truly amazing hair.

'Off the shelf'

Yes lets discuss the elephant in the room 'BOX DYE'.

To be completely honest these are our least favourite option for root touch ups. Given the current situation there has recently been a lot of bad press surrounding box dye, but I wanted to discuss the matter openly. Here are the pros and cons that I think matter:

Con’s of ‘Off the Shelf’

Box colour is formulated so everyone and anyone can use it. However, not everyone’s hair type, condition or colour are the same. In fact, most box dyes are formulated with the maximum amounts of pigment and ammonia, so it’s able to work on most people. These higher levels can damage the hair and create a dense flat colour.

An 'off the shelf' solution may cover your roots, however it’s difficult for us to advise on which one will work best for you, as the technology does differ to the colour we use in salon and therefore so do the results.

Mistakes can happen with box dye and these may be harder for us to correct, take more time and therefore cost more but also damage the integrity of your hair.

Pro’s of ‘Off the Shelf’

Having said all of the above, what really matters to us is our clients state of mind and well being. With all this craziness, the last thing we would want is for you to be stuck at home feeling flat about the way you look! If an off the shelf solution will give you a much needed boost, who are we to say no?

Our advice is if you would like to use an off the shelf colour, please skin test as per the manufactures instructions (as it’s contents do differ to what your skin is used to). Also please just let us know when booking your return appointment to the salon, as we will need to take a small strand test to check the compatibility of the products you have used to our colour.

The most important message of all

Do what is right for you and we will be here for you when this is all over! Until then we are just a call or email away for any advice or support. Please feel free to contact us via the website at anytime. I am also picking up voicemails remotely and can pass on messages to your stylist or arrange call backs if necessary. You can also comment your thoughts or questions below!

Stay safe and see you soon! X

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